Mudiaga Mowoe, CEO of Matta, Joins Endeavor’s Global Network

Mudiaga Mowoe, CEO of industrial chemicals, raw materials and commodities platform Matta, has been selected to join Endeavor’s prestigious network. This selection, finalized during the just concluded 99th  International Selection Panel (ISP) in Kenya, recognises Matta’s potential to revolutionize African economies through trade and enablement of their manufacturing sectors, particularly for manufacturers struggling with a fragmented raw materials market.

In the manufacturing industry, an inability to reliably procure raw materials of the right quality and at the right time leads to operational inefficiencies and expensive production delays. Across Africa’s $360 billion manufacturing sector, chemicals and raw materials are typically sourced through agents, distributors, and open-air markets. This fragmented nature creates opacity, making it difficult for manufacturers to find reliable sources and for suppliers to understand true demand.

Matta tackles this challenge by providing a B2B marketplace for chemicals and raw materials. The platform connects manufacturers directly with suppliers, streamlining the sourcing process and ensuring transparency. Beyond the marketplace, Matta offers additional aggregated services such as logistics and financing through 3rd party service providers, creating a comprehensive solution for manufacturers across Africa.

Launched in Nigeria in May 2022, Matta has already expanded its reach to Ivory Coast, Senegal, and South Africa. This rapid growth reflects the significant need for their innovative logistics and supply chain management approach in the African manufacturing sector.

Mudiaga’s vision and dedication to innovation perfectly align with Endeavor’s mission,” said Ireayomide Oladunjoye, Managing Director and CEO of Endeavor Nigeria. “We believe Matta has the potential to disrupt trading in chemicals, commodities and raw materials across Africa, particularly by creating a more efficient and transparent marketplace for raw materials in the manufacturing sector. Their innovative approach to connecting manufacturers and suppliers is the solution needed to empower Africa’s manufacturing industry.

Jay Alabraba, an Endeavor Nigeria Entrepreneur, commended his expertise. “Mudiaga is a solid entrepreneur with a deep understanding of the African trade landscape. His commitment to innovation positions Matta to be a game-changer. We welcome Matta to the Endeavor family and look forward to their making a significant impact.

Endeavor’s rigorous selection process ensures only the most promising entrepreneurs join. Mudiaga will gain access to a global network of mentors, investors, and industry experts, accelerating Matta’s growth and impact.

I am honored to join the Endeavor network and excited about the opportunities ahead,” said Mudiaga Mowoe, CEO of Matta. “Being part of this global community will enable us to scale our solutions and drive significant improvements for manufacturers in Africa and beyond. We are committed to leveraging this platform to solve real problems and create sustainable business value. I received more value during the three-day ISP experience than I have gained at any tech conference.”

Endeavor Entrepreneurs boast a proven track record of creating jobs and generating substantial revenue. Mudiaga joins a distinguished list of Nigerian entrepreneurs impacting various industries, adding to the 22nd company selected by Endeavor Nigeria.

Mudiaga joins the ranks of Ngozi Dozie & Chijioke Dozie (Carbon), Etop Ikpe (Autochek), and many more. As part of the Endeavor network, Mudiaga and Matta will receive comprehensive support, including access to local and international business mentors, investors, and a vast network.

For more information, please contact:

Joy Mabia – Manager, Marketing and Communications, Endeavor Nigeria

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About Matta

Matta is a B2B marketplace for chemicals, raw materials, ingredients, and commodities. Operating in Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, and South Africa, Matta connects buyers with trusted suppliers across the FMCG, Pharma, and Home & Personal Care sectors.