Endeavor X Program Cohort 1 (2022)


EndeavorX is a program designed by Endeavor Nigeria for our portfolio and pipeline companies. The aim is to extend the talent development arm of the network’s offerings to C-level executives of a select group of companies within the network. EndeavorX was borne out of conversations with Endeavor Entrepreneurs stating the need to build the leadership capacity of those who lead these strategic functions. At the same time, the company continues to scale up.


  • 4 Cohorts: People and Culture; Marketing and Growth; Operations; and Finance.
  • 12 Sessions structured as Peer to Peer, Group Workshop, and Group Mentoring sessions.
  • 60 registered participants
  • 18 companies
  • 6 Months
  • Open Capital Advisory (as Facilitating Partner)
  • Virtual


  1. Piggyvest 
  2. RxAll, Inc.
  3. Vendease 
  4. Drugstoc 
  5. OnePipe.io
  6. MAX
  7. Kobo 360
  8. SHYFT Power Solutions
  9. Helium Health
  10. LifeBank
  11. Carbon 
  12. Nomba
  13. Releaf Inc
  14. ThriveAgric 
  15. Flutterwave
  16. TradeDepot Inc
  17. Lifestores Healthcare
  18. Bamboo


  1. People and CultureFiona Mullan – Chief People Officer at Bloom & Wild, Former VP of HR at Facebook, Former at HR at Microsoft – Endeavor Ireland
  2. OperationsRaja Kaul – New Voices Foundation and ex-COO Sundial Brand – Endeavor Global
  3. MarketingErin Renzas – Growth Lead at Prosus (formerly Naspers), Former VP of Marketing Checkout, Former Marketing Lead Square – Endeavor Global
  4. FinanceVictor BastaDAI MAGISTER