2021 Africa Ecosystem Predictions

The beginning of each year is an ideal period for actively reflecting on personal and professional outcomes, as well as making predictions and plans for the upcoming year. At Endeavor, we spend a lot of time thinking about the promise of high-impact entrepreneurship for Nigeria and the challenges our ecosystem faces as we move towards a more sustainable model for startup formation, support, growth and productivity. We are excited about the potential of this generation of entrepreneurs to transform the economic landscape of our country, but we remain keenly aware that the challenges the country faces will require innovation and the ability to quickly harness the digital opportunities before us.

This project started with the release of Endeavor Nigeria’s 2020 Predictions. It turns out nobody could have predicted the events and outcomes of 2020. As we ramped down for the year, we decided to make this project more inclusive by including key doers, builders, and thinkers from other African countries.

Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria are distinctly different markets, yet they share similarities. Endeavor is one of the few organisations that gets a front-row seat to witness how entrepreneurs are thinking, what investors are looking for, and how collaboration and connection can foster innovation. With a network of over 2,000 Endeavor Entrepreneurs and 4,000 business leaders who are Endeavor Mentors, we are fortunate to see how a vision comes to life and transforms lives.

While increasing investment numbers indicate growth in the ecosystem, we wanted to have a more insightful way of tracking how ecosystems on the continent evolve in character and sentiment, in the years to come. We see this campaign as a learning opportunity, and we invite you to do this exercise on your own and paint a picture of your vision for the future.

Click here to download a copy of the 2021 Africa Ecosystem Predictions.